What is a CMS?

A CMS is a website builder. CMS stands for Content Management System.

This is the term commonly used for any type of software or application (most commonly used via the internet) which allows you to manage your website.

The following documentation aims to describe every bit of functionality we offer.

Who are you and why did you make this?

We are Claire & Adrian, and our business is called Pink Pigeon Digital Ltd…..

When all of this started, we really just wanted to run a blog online.

We quickly noticed that running a blog (that looked the way we wanted it to look) was neither cheap, nor intuitive, nor quick & easy to do.

That came as a surprise, as a blog looks like a simple thing to do. It's just a website, right?

After trying Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, Netlify, Github (Pages), Heroku, etc. we realised that, while all of these businesses offer a great service, it just wasn't what we were after. Try as they might, they will tell you how ‘quick and easy' it is to do ‘anything you want' using their platforms, but ultimately they make you sign up for an account and then you are on your own, without human customer support.

We wanted a way to update our websites quickly, on the go, via our mobile phones, without losing functionality. We wanted our sites to load quickly, without delays. No wasted data, no wasted time waiting for unoptimised code to load.

We wanted direct, immediate feedback for any changes we made to our websites. Fast iteration, playful interaction with content, to be able to try a few different things and see how it works, right there and then, like so:

And we wanted all of the above to be secure, accessible and affordable. Turns out that that did not exist. Not the way we wanted to do it. So we made our own website platform, combining 20+ years of combined advertising industry experience, bringing knowledge that's usually reserved for giant corporate budgets to smaller businesses.

Feel free to peruse the rest of this documentation for much more information about how this all works.