The Awards module is very similar to the image-only module, but it allows switching between mobile and desktop images, to allow for specific designs / arrangements of many awards (as they are often awkward / very different shapes). Please see an example below:

Image of the awards module online

Enabling / Disabling

Like all modules, this module can be enabled / disabled. Please see the corresponding section of the documentation to find out more about this functionality.

Header Text

Image of the awards module header text

This is the header text in the awards module. Here it is online:

Image of the awards module header text online

Desktop / Mobile Image

Image of the awards module images

Here you may define a desktop image, which will be shown from screen widths 900px and above (common tablet resolution), and a tablet / mobile image, showing below 900px screen width. For more information on picking images, see this section.


The Awards module allows you to change the background colour and text colour of the module.

Image of the standard colours

On Mobile

On tablet / mobile resolutions, the Awards module loads a second image (this can be the same image, too), to allow for a different arrangement of awards, should their shapes differ greatly. See an example below:

Image of the awards module on mobile


Please do not forget to hit one of the save buttons, to make sure the changes you have made are actually saved. Why not keep a window with your preview open, to see the changes in realtime?