Image of Pages, with an arrow pointing at 'Home'

Pages use a green icon that looks a bit like a piece of paper with one corner folded over. Your website can have many pages (though it is prudent to keep the number of pages as low as possible), some of which may be linked to from the navigation directly, some of which may only be accessible via hyperlinks elsewhere.

Think of a page as a section of your website, a way to categorise content into different groupings of related information.

There is one special page on every website, called the "Home"-page, which is the first page anyone visiting your website sees. Many websites only consist of one homepage, with no other pages at all. If possible, aim to have all of your content on one page, as this means your customers get all the information they need without having to navigate elsewhere.

NB: The pink highlight around "Home" means it's been edited recently, without the changes having been published yet. It will not always be pink. We'll explain how that works in the following sections.