Text Only

This module displays a text header, body text and button (also known as a CTA). There is a grid variant of this module.

Image of the text only module

Enabling / Disabling

Like all modules, this module can be enabled / disabled. Please see the corresponding section of the documentation to find out more about this functionality.

Header Text

Image of the header text

This is the header text in the Text Only module. Here it is online:

Image of the Text Only module header text online

Body Text

Image of the body text

This is a rich body text input without a character limit.

Here it is in the module:

Image of the Text Only module body text online

Text Alignment

There are two options:

  • Left:

This aligns all text to the left.

  • Centre:

This aligns all text to the centre, except for bullet points, which remain left-aligned.


The Text Only module allows you to change the background colour and text colour of the module.

Image of the standard colours


Please refer to the CTA / Button section for more info about the button.


Please do not forget to hit one of the save buttons, to make sure the changes you have made are actually saved. Why not keep a window with your preview open, to see the changes in realtime?