Supported Browsers

We support most desktop and mobile web browsers for viewing and editing your site, but we are unable to guarantee full functionality across every browser and device. Some older browsers are too archaic to support our build methods and are used by such a small percentage of users that we have chosen to focus our support on the most recent versions of most major browsers. If you need your site to work on a browser that we do not fully support, it may be possible but we will have to quote for this work on a case by case basis.

Our fully supported browser list means your site will work for most people, however anyone on an older browser will receive a prompt to update their browser to something that we do support (which is safer and better for them for all online browsing).

You can use the website builder and your website across the following browsers and devices:

  • Chrome: Supported for Windows, Mac and Linux, from version 80 upwards
  • Firefox: Supported for Windows, Mac and Linux, from version 72 upwards
  • Safari: Supported for Mac only, from version 14 upwards
  • Microsoft Edge: Supported for Windows only, from version 80 upwards
  • Android Browser: Support for Android devices, from version 76 upwards
  • iOS Safari: Supported for iOS devices, from version 12 upwards

We do not support Internet Explorer as Microsoft no longer support it (it has been superseded by Edge).

There are a few important things to be aware of when using a supported browser:

  • We are unable to support Beta versions of browsers
  • Private browsing may not be supported for editing your site
  • Some browser add-ons may interfere with your site, so they may need to be disabled while we troubleshoot issues
  • JavaScript must be enabled

We are unable to support screen resolutions below 320 pixels wide due to the quantity of content required by our clients. Our sites will display a horizontal scrollbar on sites under this width so you will still be able to interact with the site as normal.

(With thanks to rundocs, whose theme we have adapted)