Website Settings

You can access your website's settings from the home screen, by clicking the cog-icon next to its name.

Image of the home screen, website title highlighted

Renaming Your Site

This is where you can rename your site by clicking on its title, or access your website's settings, by clicking on the settings cog next to your site's title.

This will allow you to change your website's name, where contact forms are sent, add an analytics code, if you are a Silver or Gold user, and you will be able to see statistics on your website's size, or the number of modules and pages you are using:

Image of the home screen, site settings opened

Default Email Address

This is the main address all contact forms will be sent to, should no different email address have been selected. This is also the address we will use to contact you.

Adding Email Addresses

You may add a number of email addresses via your site settings. Different account tiers get different numbers of email addresses (Bronze 1, Silver 2, Gold 3).

Analytics Tag

This is the Google Analytics tag, which you can use to connect your website with Google Analytics.

Site Size / Modules / Pages

These are statistics related to your site. If you ever want to know how close you are to exceeding the limits of your site, you can check that here.

If you are a Bronze or Silver user, you can upgrade your account from here as well, if you need either added analytics features, higher account limits or faster support.

This lets you change the private preview link for your site. If you click this button, all previous preview links stop working and you are given a new, private preview link to share with anyone who should see a preview of your site.