Video Only

This module displays a video and nothing else. There is a grid variant of this module.

Image of the video only module online

Enabling / Disabling

Like all modules, this module can be enabled / disabled. Please see the corresponding section of the documentation to find out more about this functionality.

Video Type

Image of the text and video module - video type option

You may choose between YouTube and Vimeo.

Video ID

  • Youtube: For Youtube, you need to copy this part of the URL (they can look different at times, but there is always an ID somewhere in the URL): Image of the youtube url example.

  • Vimeo: For Vimeo, you need to copy this part of the URL: Image of the vimeo url example.

(Vimeo) Autoplay

Image of the vimeo autoplay option example

Vimeo videos can play automatically, if there is no sound on the video.

(Vimeo) Video Quality

Image of the vimeo autoplay option example

For desktop video only, you can define a starting video quality. Please bear in mind that very high quality video can use up a lot of bandwidth, so for some users this may incur unforeseen costs. For mobile videos, Vimeo will always judge the default video quality by itself.

Background Colour

The Video Only module allows you to change the background colour of the module (as videos do not necessarily fit the module perfectly).

Image of the video only module background colour option


Please refer to the CTA / Button section for more info about the button.


Please do not forget to hit one of the save buttons, to make sure the changes you have made are actually saved. Why not keep a window with your preview open, to see the changes in realtime?